Aicardi Syndrome Foundation

Ava Shaye Gumson, the 13 year old daughter of Adam and Lissa Gumson of JUPITER LAW CENTER, is one of approximately 1,000 children worldwide who has been diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome, an extremely rare congenital neurological seizure disorder affecting mostly young girls, inhibiting the normal development of motor skills, sight, speech and many other neurological areas, causing mild to profound mental retardation.

Aicardi Syndrome is so rare that most people (including many physicians) have never heard of it. Thus, raising money for this cause has been quite challenging. In October, 2006, the Gumsons organized and hosted their first Halloween fundraiser for the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization which strives to make the lives of Aicardi girls more functional and fulfilling.

Since that time, almost $185,000.00 has been raised, much of it forwarded by the Foundation directly to the University of California at San Francisco and Baylor University to further research of Aicardi Syndrome. Feel free to contact JUPITER LAW CENTER about making a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation.

To learn more about Aicardi Syndrome and meet some of the affected children, log on to

Below is a photo of JUPITER LAW CENTER’S attorneys and some of its staff at its initial 2006 fundraiser!