Jupiter Law Center: Our Culture Is No Secret.

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Promoting the “culture” of a business can often appear to be a marketing gimmick – unless, of course, it is supported and enhanced at every opportunity within the organization. At JUPITER LAW CENTER, that’s the case with our team, our purpose, and even our physical office.

At JUPITER LAW CENTER, our culture is evident the moment you walk in the front door. Although we take our jobs seriously and take pride in what we achieve for our clients, we realize that neither requires us to work in an environment that resembles a stuffy law library.

In 1988, JUPITER LAW CENTER opened its doors with the idea of operating a down-to-earth neighborhood law firm that puts people at ease. A firm where you could feel comfortable and NOT be intimidated by the processes or the people. A place where everyone knows your name. The Cheers of law firms, if you are old enough to remember that show!

As a family-operated firm (first by Richard and Sandy Gumson and now by Adam and Lissa Gumson), JUPITER LAW CENTER garnered a reputation for honesty, warmth, and humor – which remain the foundation of our culture today. These traits, which are shared by our team, enable us to explain and demystify “legalese” in easy-to-understand language. As a result, our clients receive solid common sense advice (both legal and practical) and support with a personal touch which make them confident in choosing us as their Lawyers for Life.

We realize that the issue that brings you to the firm may be a serious matter; however, we hope that the relationship we develop will lighten your heart. From happy hours hosted in our non-lawyerly office to a website that’s as fun as it is informative, our culture guides us in all we do.

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values may be our guides, but they all lead us to providing the optimum client experience for YOU!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate and give peace of mind to our clients and their families by answering their questions, explaining the legal process and creating the documents that help them protect their nest egg, navigate the Probate and/or Trust Administration process, resolve family matters without the typical ugly battle and/or buy or sell a home with as little drama as possible.

We aspire to be THE law firm to contact when clients or referral sources seek common sense advice about Estate Planning, Probate/Trust Administration, Family Law and/or Real Estate matters as well as THE law firm for future employees who are aligned with our core values.

Our vision is to take what clients expect to be a stressful, antiseptic and/or unpleasant experience and instead deliver warmth, patience, honesty, accessibility, value and even humor, becoming their Lawyer for Life.

Core Values

Integrity, Compassion, Respect for All

Although we’ve offered you a peek at our culture, we invite you to visit our office for the full experience. We welcome every opportunity to share our culture, to make legal issues less daunting, to make lawyers less intimidating, to make your legal matters less heavy, and to make you more confident in your direction.

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