LISSA M. GUMSON, Executive Administrator

Lissa M. Gumson is Executive Administrator for JUPITER LAW CENTER and is the wife of Adam S. Gumson. She handles the firm’s personnel and human resources issues, long-term initiatives and projects. After joining the firm in 1999, she served as the firm’s Principal Legal Assistant, Bookkeeper and Administrator. In 2005, her responsibilities at the firm lessened as she stayed at home to care for the couple’s children. But with the kids older and more self-sufficient, her participation has again increased.

Lissa enjoys helping people solve their problems. Expanding JUPITER LAW CENTER is in line with her desire to provide solutions to people needing good common sense advice when it comes to their relationships and planning for their future. When not at the office, Lissa’s usually transporting one of her three children to a party or sporting/music event. In her occasional free time, she enjoys gardening, photography and a good “who-done-it” crime show.

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