MARK S. FISCH, Attorney

Mark S. Fisch came to JUPITER LAW CENTER as an attorney practicing law in Florida since 1992 after a career in Law Enforcement, work as a Law Clerk, and a position as a Federal Investigator for the EEOC. Mark has practiced in a myriad of areas encompassing Corporate, Real Estate, Constitutional, Labor and Civil Rights Law and General Civil Litigation. His current emphasis is on Commercial, Business and Transactional Law with a focus on Real Estate, Probate and Estate Administration.  Mark previously worked at large law firms in addition to practicing in his own family firm.

He joined JUPITER LAW CENTER in 2017 because of an aligned culture and approach that offers clients honesty, integrity and positivity.  A graduate of University of Florida (1988) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice (President’s List, Dean’s List) and Stetson University College of Law (1992) where he graduated in the top 10% of his class, was named a Dana Scholar, made the Dean’s List every year as well as Phi Delta Phi Honor Society and was a published author in the Stetson Law Review.  He is a member of the Florida Bar.

Mark’s personal mission is to always seek to be of service to others and to do things right. As a law enforcement officer, Mark distinctly remembers the time he was the first officer to respond to an accident. With chaos surrounding a car wreck and an elderly couple in shock in their mangled vehicle, Mark had to secure the scene, report the details of the accident, call for help and keep the couple calm. To this day, the clarity of his responsibilities in that situation stick with him. In crisis after crisis during his time as an officer, he brought order, aid and soothing support to those who needed it.

Although the practice of law is less physically dramatic, the emotions associated with certain Probate or Real Estate problems, or the complex nature of proper Trust planning to protect a family’s legacy are no less difficult. He hopes, after meeting with clients, that they walk away feeling comfortable by having put their problems on his back and that he has “secured the scene” by permitting them to leave the office with a lighter load.

Mark’s zeal for the law, first in law enforcement and now, as an attorney, guides everything he does personally and professionally. He hopes to change the somewhat tarnished reputation of lawyers, one client at a time.

In addition to his full-time law practice, Mark researches, develops and manufactures unique law enforcement equipment and technology, as well as following his faith and spending time with his family.

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